Artikel Diving

Surat dari PADI Quality Management

Sebuah surat datang dari PADI Quality Management hari ini. 

Terima kasih

Please accept our congratulations! You have recently been awarded an honourable mention in the monthly PADI attaboys awards.

Your award is based on information received from one of your students, Yuliana, who wrote:

Just would like to pass on FAT AND HUGE THANK YOU to Mr. Made Suwena whose my instructor in completing Open Water Diving course recently.

Cannot appreciate more of his professional and calm approach during the course.  He was not only helping me to boost my confidence so I can feel comfortable being in the deep water, but also enjoy immensely the whole experience. I think I might have fallen in love in that new strange world. Definitely going to continue my course on the very next available opportunity!

Congratulations on doing a fantastic job for your customers


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