Month: March 2022

Miami, Florida, USA downtown skyline over MacAurther Causeway

Finding the Cheapest Hotel in Florida Weekends

The history of hotels is a fascinating one. From the earliest establishments in ancient Greece to the modern-day luxury resorts, hotels have been around for centuries. Today, they are important components of the wider service industry and provide accommodations for business and leisure travelers. They are closely related to the travel and hospitality industry, but

Scuba diver swimming past wall of Jacks, Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Destination Diving in Florida

In the context of travel, the term “destination” can refer to a place that is known for a particular purpose. The word destination derives from the Latin word destinare, which means “to decide, choose, or make firm.” It is an important term, because it denotes a specific goal or place. Without a clear destination, a

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How to Find the Best Deals on Rental Cars in Florida

AutoSlash is a consumer-focused website that helps you save money on rental cars. It monitors rates and applies coupons to lower rates to provide consumers with the lowest rates possible. They also offer price protection, which protects you from inflated rates. According to AutoSlash, customers save 30% or more on rentals with their site. The

Miami, Florida, USA downtown skyline over MacAurther Causeway

Top 5 Places to Stay in Florida

As America began to develop a network of canals and other internal waterways, the number of hotels grew. The growth of the canals increased the volume of travel in the United States. As a result, urban merchant-capitalists began to build a new generation of hotels as part of their mercantilist strategy. These new structures were

Scuba diver swimming past wall of Jacks, Cocos Island, Costa Rica

The Best Places For Scuba Diving in Florida

Florida is one of the most popular destinations for beach vacations, offering hundreds of miles of beaches. Miami, with its Latin American culture and notable arts scene, is a popular destination, as is upscale South Beach. The theme parks of Orlando are another popular destination. For those with families, Florida is a great place to