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Sebuah Surat Recognition…….

Sebuah surat recognition of excellence dari PADI yang dikirimkan oleh salah seorang siswa diving….. Terima kasih!

I just completed my open water diver course these last 3 weeks. I had the greatest experience underwater and everything was epic for 4 dives! It was exiting doing a shipwreck as a diving greenhorn, especially being able to swim around the wreck. Especially PADI Master Instructor (Made Suwena) that guide me the whole course. He is a local dive instructor and a good teacher also he teaches very well and clear, super organized, professional and very friendly. I found this to be excellent because the dive instructor actually were born and grew up in the area and knew the place inside out. Glad I had my first time dive in Bali with PADI. Amanda Lestari (PADI Open Water Diver)

PADI Open Water Dive Bali
PADI Open Water Diver course in Bali

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